49th District: Bryan Maryott

Proudly endorsed by Conservationists, Law Enforcement, and Taxpayers; Brian has spent the majority of his career helping hundreds of individuals and families save for a rainy day, send their kids to college, retire with dignity and invest in their future.

51st District: Darrel Issa

Congressman Issa is the former Chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee.  He has served as the top government watchdog in Congress and is well-known as a grassroots leader to Republicans throughout California,

49th District: Juan M. Hidalgo, Jr.

I want to give back to the great community that I came from, the community that made me what I am. Today more than ever we need real PROVEN leadership in Congress. We must elect a congressman that has never and will never put another country or it’s citizens before America.

51st District: Jim DeBello

A passionate American, Jim believes we need innovative ideas to solve our most pressing problems. He has the proven leadership and vision to think outside the box, create practical solutions and build consensus. His experience as a businessman allows him to successfully balance a budget and make sure our Congress doesn’t waste our money. As a high-tech innovator who holds five patents, Jim is best known as the co-inventor of mobile check deposit used by 80 million consumers and the top banks in the world.


30th District: Linda Blankenship

Linda believes in freedom in faith, work, and personal safety. She is dedicated to fiscal responsibility with economic sanity, equal access to quality education, promoting private sector solutions, and civility.


71st District: Randy Voepel

As your Assemblymember, I am working hard on behalf of this district to lower taxes, support job growth, protect public safety, support veterans, and reduce the size and scope of state government.

75th District: Marie Waldron

Marie Waldron has been actively involved in her North San Diego and Southwest Riverside region for two decades. As a local business owner for 25 years, she understands the economic impacts of burdensome government regulations on taxpayers and small businesses.

76th District: Melanie Burkholder

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Dr. Melanie Burkholder, candidate for California’s 76th Assembly District, is a decorated Secret Service agent, mental health counselor, and proud wife and mother. She is a proven leader and a distinguished member of the Carlsbad community. A Republican, Melanie will take the same fight to Sacramento special interests and ultra-liberal politicians that she took to our nation’s criminals while serving in the Secret Service.

77th District: June Cutter

June wants the middle class to have a voice again. She looks at the career politicians who represent us in Sacramento and sees that their main goal is getting re-elected, not doing what’s best for the day to day needs of people in their community. She looks at their votes, and who pays for their campaigns, and sees that they work for the special interests and lobbyists, not us. And she has had enough.

That is who June Yang Cutter is, and why she is stepping up to challenge Sacramento’s political machine. Because she wants to make sure that California remains a place of opportunity, a place that puts the middle class first, a place where the next generation can fulfill their American Dream.

79th District: John Moore

John Moore stands for:  More Water Reservoirs Not Tunnels.  More Job Opportunities For Millennials.  Affordable, Low-Tax Energy.  End Sanctuary Cities.  Stop Election Fraud

80th District: John Vogel

It’s time to give the 80th Assembly District a committed public servant who is dedicated to the people and not special interests.