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In case you didn,t know , we are in a Civil War  

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 In case you didn’t know , we are in a Civil War


On April 12, 1861 in Charleston ,  South Carolina ,  Fort Sumter held by a union garrison was fired upon by the South Carolina militia artillery. These were , both sides agreed the first shots of the American Civil War.


On October 11, 2020 ,  Rudy Giuliani  gave the New York Post the fourth largest newspaper in the United States founded by Alexander Hamilton ,  a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive.

This hard drive contained thousands of emails to Hunter’s family,  business partners in America and business partners in China.  It also contains thousands of photos of drugged up Hunter with under age females one of which is his 14 year old niece ,  in compromising positions . It also contains audio of Hunter’s corrupt admissions and whining about his money predicaments .The admissions in all this data is not just a smoking gun but a smoking machine gun.


In its totality the data outlines the Biden crime family ,  with Joe Biden being “THE BIG GUY “ compromised by the CCP and his son Hunter who is the bagman for the family for the last 30 years . Joe Biden and Family are now and have been , bought and paid for by the Chinese Communists Party . They were groomed by their Chinese partners Patrick Ho Chi Ping and Ye Jianming who were high-ranking Chinese Communist Party spies .


The Biden crime family has received millions from China ,  Ukraine ,  Iraq ,  Russia  and the list goes on and on and on . So , they did what they did for money , greed and POWER . They are not alone ,  many American businesses like Apple ,  Nike , NBA , High Tech and others have gotten into bed with the CCP for their cheap labor and the supposedly lucrative Chinese market . 


Together the elitists from America and the rest of the world otherwise known as globalists have partnered with the CCP against their own individual countries interest . For money , greed and POWER . They too are subject to be compromised by the CCP just like the Biden crime family .


When the New York Post researched the hard drive , published their story in their newspaper and then decided to use Twitter and Facebook to publicize their story ,  they were censored on both platforms and as of this writing still unable to reach out with their story on both of these platforms .


Twitter and Facebook were joined by the liberal media  NBC , ABC , CBS , CNN  and all other liberal media to censor and silence the New York Post and others on the Hunter Biden hard drive story .


The sound of this censorship is so deafening ,  it is louder than the cannons fired upon Fort Sumter .  Aided by their liberal political partners ,  the mobs in the streets ,  and the people who sit at home and turn to this corrupt media and view it as the truth .


Throughout most of the 20th century we have fought communism . I thought as a country and as a world of freed people that we collectively knew the dangers of communism . But recently as the media and all these people  shouted the dangers of Russia Russia Russia , they themselves were embracing China China China ! 


Truth can be emotional and this truth is something that makes you just sad .

So , civil wars are fought by two powerful sides . On one side we have High Tech Companies ,Globalize Companies ,  liberal media ,  the mobs in the street and the people who sit at home and believe the  liberal media as truth. On the other side we have a conservative media and a very very very large group of people that believe in God ,  family  and country .


I  believe that I only have one alternative ,  and that is to pray to God ,  talk to family and friends and  fight and vote for this country .


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