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It and the Thing or Biden Crime Family and Big Tech Censorship  

Juan Flores
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Crime and stupidity are cousins .
Stupidity leads people to do crimes thinking they will get away with the crime and usually stupidity gets them caught.

God meted out his Justice on Earth in the forms of what people call karma or poetic justice . But God works in his time not ours and of course where is our responsibility to act .

So when it comes to the Biden Crime Family and Big Tech Censorship

The " Thing "is , what do we do about "It "?

There is a hit and run accident , the car that causes the accident speeds off and disappears.

For some reason the investigators don't like the person who was hit in the accident and decide not to expend energy and time finding out who did the crime .

Fortunately a citizen steps forward who saw the accident , wrote down the make the model of the vehicle and the license plate number.

"It" is the crime , fuel by stupidity such as being under the influence or being distracted while driving and stupidly they drove off hoping no one was watching.

The "Thing" , is law enforcement was not willing to enthusiastically investigate the crime or just plainly do something about "It" .

But the "Thing"is that a person came forward ,
forcing law enforcement to do something about "It" .

So ,here "It" is , we have the Biden Crime Family and Big Tech Censorship

The "Thing" , is what are you or I or both going to do about , "It" ?