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First of all congratulations you've all done your job , you've done your best to talk to other people and completed your civic duty by voting .

Now as of Tuesday the responsibility for completing the task of counting your votes , was now up to the apparatus which includes poll workers , poll watchers , vote counters and the media to report voting results .

The Electoral count was basically neck and neck . Then A funny thing happened on the way to completing the count at approximately 11 PM Pacific Standard Time. They stopped counting votes ! and Fox News called Arizona for Biden with hundreds of thousands of Arizona votes still out , then Everybody stop counting . So everybody just stopped counting ! with Georgia , North Carolina , Pennsylvania , Michigan , Wisconsin , Nevada and Alaska yet to be determined . 

In the early a.m. about 4 AM Eastern Standard Time when all counting was supposed to have stopped , both Michigan and Wisconsin received each over 100,000 extra votes of absentee ballots , just out of thin air . And SURPRISE ! SURPRISE ! 80% to 90% of these votes were for Joe Biden ! AMAZING !

There were several paths for each candidate to win this election . But now we will have LAWFARE !This is when all the lawyers go in battling to certify all these votes in up to eight states , Which can result in recounts in some states .

Of course this will take time but at 5 PM on Wednesday Joe Biden will be declaring himself the winner , or at least saying he has the best path to winning .

When Joe Biden does this , there will be a full court press by all the major media , all your high tech platforms such as Facebook , Twitter and Google searches , TO DRIVE HOME THAT NARRATIVE !

Your access to voice your opinion on these platforms will be censored or at least limited in  range to communicate with others .You will be at home staring at this digital onslaught and with protest and rioting  in the streets !


Joseph Stalin , "it's not the people who vote that count , it's the people who count the votes." Attributed by Joseph Stalin's secretaries memoir

William M. "Boss" Tweed , " As long as I count the votes , what are you going to do about it ?" Oct. 7 1871

Napoleon , "I care not who cast the votes of a nation , provided I can count them "  New York Times editorial May 26, 1880

Anastasia Somoza , " Indeed, you won the elections , but I won the count " Guardian newspaper June 17, 1977

So , you see that this is an old playbook , and through the process of LAWFARE  , it will take days to figure this out .

God bless our President and God Bless America 

11/4/2020 11am pst

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